The Seegmiller Law Firm is thanked for being a Trailblazer sponsor and supporting Delta Academy to attend the Run Walk Roll. Below is a picture of the Delta Academy kids giving thanks for the support, they were so excited to be in attendance. Run Walk Roll had over 700 participants with 14 schools participating. It was a huge success!!!

Anti-Bullying PSA Campaign Winner!

Winners, Anti-Bullying Contest

Congratulations to Claire Offenberger (15) and Griffin Meyer (16) for winning $1,5000 in our 2013 Anti-Bullying PSA Video Contest!

Watch the winning video here:

A team of judges chose their favorite 30-second video from over 50 entries. See all video entries here. See all video entries.

Media Report on Anti-Bullying Competition

We’d like to thank Christopher Trela, Roger Bloom, and Kedric Francis for judging our 2013 Anti-Bullying PSA Video Competition. A big thank you also goes out to ABC News for their coverage of our event.

Anti-Bullying PSA Contest

bully-logo-150x150The Seegmiller Law Firm recently sponsored an Anti-Bullying PSA Campaign that encouraged youngsters to create a 30-second video that called for an end to bullying. The grand prize was $1,500.

Attorney West Seegmiller, a father of five grown children, states that he has had to deal with his share of bullying incidents and has helped his kids cope with the emotional suffering that comes with it. As a matter of fact, the taunts that were directed at one of his daughters in high school were so hurtful that he opted to pull her out of public school and send her to private school instead. He was worried that the excessive name-calling and mean gestures would escalate and create lasting physical or emotional scars.

Seegmiller knows he is not the only parent with these concerns, and his family’s experiences represent a nationwide bullying problem that he knows cannot be ignored.

In an effort to raise awareness and hopefully help put an end to bullying, The Seegmiller Law Firm sponsored an anti-bullying campaign that invited those below 18 years old to create public service announcements discouraging this form of destructive behavior.

Five finalists will be named and invited to a ceremony where a panel of judges will view the entries and announce the winner. The top winner will receive a cash prize of $1,500, and all finalists will receive gift cards to Stonefire Grill amounting to $50.

View the Anti Bullying Campaign Page

“From the mouths of babes often come pearls of wisdom,” said West Seegmiller. “We’re hoping to take that long-held idiom and bring it into the 21st century by asking youngsters to get out their iPhones and video cameras, stir up some creativity and produce a message aimed at eradicating bullying.”

Walk Like MADD

Walk-Like-MaddThe Seegmiller Law Firm is proud to be a Walk Like MADD event sponsor.

On Saturday morning, over 600 individuals paid tribute to loved ones who were injured or died as a result of drunk drivers’ actions. This annual fundraiser is an event of MADD, or Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This year, the event raised more than $114,000 in support for drunk driving victims’ year-round services and programs, including educational materials, public awareness campaigns, and victim support.

A number of those attending the event wore matching T-shirts as tributes to those they have lost. They also held up banners containing the names of their lost loved ones. By coming together at the annual walk, these people were keeping the memories of their loved ones alive.

According to West Seegmiller, “I was deeply touched by the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who were all here supporting one another as they walked today.”

Despite the public awareness on the tragedies resulting from drunk driving, there will always be those drivers who get behind the wheel after drinking. Sadly, this means that there will continue to be injuries and fatalities resulting from such actions. MADD states that among drivers involved in fatal crashes in 201, alcohol impairment was found to be four times higher during the night (37 percent) compared to the day (9 percent). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that in the United States, roughly 300,000 incidents of drinking and driving occur each day.

Donate or Volunteer at Walk Like MADD

Grandma’s House Of Hope

36366_1947693_10152258922400339_1831223621_nThe Seegmiller Law Firm donates toys and wraps these gifts for young children living in motels.

According to the 2011 Homeless PIT Count and Survey, approximately 6,900 individuals experience being homeless. However, it is generally acknowledged that with most statistics on homelessness, only a fraction of the real numbers are actually reported.

In one year, the number of people receiving work cash assistance increased by 20 percent, which rose to a monthly average enrollment of 52,528 recipients in 2009 to 2010. Food Stamps enrollment rose to 37 percent in the same time frame, on top of a 24 percent rise in 2008 to 2009.

According to the 2011 Community Indicators Report, $25.52 was the hourly wage needed to rent a one-bedroom apartment at fair market value, which amounted to $53,080 per year. In other words, minimum wage households would need to work a total of 130 hours per week in order to afford such apartment.

Donate or Volunteer at Gramdma’s House of Hope